Friday, February 25, 2011


Interesting article.... I guess there are those who prefer sticking to pen and paper...

"I think storyboards are great and do more than previz can do, and they do it in a form that everyone understands. No one assumes it’s exactly what you’re looking for because it’s a piece of paper, a static image. Animatics, while they sometimes stray dangerously close to the evil previz, are more like moving storyboards that can give you a sense of timing and, for people who look at storyboards and can’t imagine what the sequence is, animatics are OK. But previz has an aura about it because it’s so close to what they think you want. It moves, people change and look like they are walking; you’re moving through a virtual set, and it all becomes very misleading. Previz is banned from the Captain America world."

"I actually prefer to just work with a shot list on set and not even storyboards, because I think if the crew has previously seen the storyboards, and they’re familiar with the sequence, then they can use the shot list on set to organize their knowledge of what the scene is, the same way I do. It’s a more effective tool for making the day."

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